Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Mike Pence conveniently forgets Iraq was a shithole before we left

This Mike Pence "we won the peace" narrative is like that bogus Nazi "stabbed in the back" shit after WW1. Radical Sunni fuckos and radical Shiite fuckos attacked each other and our military at the same time... while we were going after both of them at the same time. Christians were being annihilated and innocent Sunni and innocent Shia were being annihilated while we were right there in the middle of it. Our army can hold any piece of ground but we can't hold every street in every village, city or desert. Our military can be top dog in any given place at any given time but we can't be everywhere always. Our military is not G-d. And I'm enraged by armchair generals who don't understand the strategic use and limitations of military force as a problem-solver.

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