Monday, April 29, 2013

A long, long way from the My Slut Is Gone ARMY

George W. Bush was in the news recently. Something about a library. I'll believe it when I see it. I've learned not to take any George W. Bush hype---pro or con---too seriously.

There's a funny thing about Dubya and Buzz Fugazi, though... there was no character named Buzz Fugazi before the website came into existence. Even funnier, despite my existence as Buzz being largely defined by live streaming graveyard shift internet radio, spinning alt rock for bong hits, and later podcasting and blogging on for same... Buzz Fugazi came into existence so I could play on the website without embarrassing the US Senate Campaign that employed me, so every goofy thing I posted to generate discussion or traffic didn't require the time and effort of the campaign manager's approval.

My main point on those posts... the US would inevitably bleed out and go broke running in circles in Iraq before inevitably pulling out, leaving a vacuum for Iran to fill. Someday, I argued, there might be a real necessity to fight a war to disarm a would-be nuclear power, Iran, maybe, and that such an endeavor would be onerous from the start thanks to the rotten disillusion from this Iraq effort. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't know.

I suffer from conservative-libertarian fits thinking that an elephant is a mouse built to government specifications. Then I hear another conservative-libertarian type speaking up about SOME KIND OF FEAR. These are often people who never had any problem trusting the US government with nuclear weapons, the power of life and death over all mammalian life on the planet, but then they talk about food stamps or the government providing free milk to poor kids at school, and it's a socialist nightmare. People cry it's a shonda that some drug addict gets a free lunch, but then they don't care about the air, the water, the food supply... compromised to the detriment of all of us. Why? Why? Why?

To be fair, I'm not too sure you'll find any answers here, but I still believe, compared to your friendly reality revisionists at BUSHCO or even the deeply compromised messages you get from DEMOCRACY, INC, My Truth is more Useful, My Lies are more Fun.

I emailed a new blog to a couple of weeks ago and it never got posted, so I guess, for whatever it's worth, I'll be posting here. No hard feelings towards webmaster Mikey. I love the guy. He's been a good friend to me in hard times and I'll always appreciate that. If he ever takes an interest in his website again, I'll always be game to play along. For now, right here, I just want to write, publish, rinse, repeat.